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Sunbed Information
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The health club has TWO stand up sunbeds manufactured by TANSUN SYMPHONY. The tubes installed are 180W cosmedico cosmolux tubes.

How do i use it?

Using the sunbed is easy, buy your tokens from the reception and put them in the machine.

How old do i have to be to use the sunbed?

We have minimum age requirement of 16.

How often can i use the sunbed?

We recommend no more than twice a week and you must give at least a minimum of 48 hours in between sunbed sessions and should not be overused.

Can i use a sunbed if i'm pregnant?

There's no reason why you can't, if you're unsure, please consult your doctor.

Other information

If you have any skin conditions etc please consult your doctor before using.

How much does it cost?

3 mins - £1.50

6 mins - £3.00

9 mins - £4.50

12 mins - £6

1 hour course - £25

Tanning creams - what are they?

Tanning accelerators are different to tanning lotions. These contain vital ingredients for keeping your skin moist whilst getting maximum safe UV exposure in a short period of time. Tanning creams are available at £2 for sachets and tubes of tanning creams from £11.50